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Laser Eye Surgery

PRK/LASEK Postoperative Care

You will have an appointment to be seen on the next day after your laser procedure. At
that time, your vision will be checked. Vision is always blurry for up to several days after PRK/LASEK surgery; so do not be discouraged if your vision is not clear

You can expect varied amounts of postoperative pain and discomfort on the first day or two after the procedure. This pain is often scratchiness, as if something is in your eye. The amount of discomfort varies. For most people this pain is mild. This pain will lessen 24-28 hours after your procedure. If necessary, you may take oral pain medications to ease your discomfort. Take this medication with food.

Contact Lens

The contact lens that was placed in your eye at the end of your laser procedure will usually be left in place for 4-6 days. Please do not attempt to remove or exchange this lens. If the contact lens falls out of your eye, please do not attempt to reinsert it; call Dr McCreery at 01-2103653 or the laser center at 01-2064337 to discuss the appropriate next steps. If out of normal working hours call the main Blackrock Clinic line at 01-2832222 and they will get in touch with Dr McCreery.

The corneal surface of most PRK/LASEK patients will heal by 3-5 days after the laser procedure


Avoid strenuous activity for the first 24 hours after your laser procedure.
On day one after your laser operation, you can increase your level of activity some, depending upon how you feel. On day four you can resume most normal activities.
Avoid getting water in your operated eye for one week. If water inadvertently gets in your eye, simply place an additional drop of the antibiotic drop Exocin. However, we recommend that you not swim for two weeks following the surgery.

Do not wear eye makeup or lotions for one week.

At one week, you may resume all of your normal daily activities, except for the two-week restriction on swimming as noted above.

Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight or other forms of ultraviolet radiation (such as sun beds). This precaution should be observed one year following the surgery. Please use ultraviolet blocking sunglasses when outdoors in bright sunlight


It is very important to follow the instructions for the medications exactly. You will be given an instruction sheet after the surgery outlining your drop schedule.


Your vision may be quite blurry for at least 7-14 days and it will then gradually improve.

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