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Laser Eye Surgery


iLasik involves the creation of a flap on the surface of the cornea followed by treatment that is delivered under the flap. Traditionally a blade was used to create the flap. New technology using a laser (intralase) has been developed which allows the surgeon to create a flap with a laser making the use of a blade obsolete. (iLASIK) This bladeless surgery provides an additional degree of safety to the surgery. See intralase video on home page.

Traditional iLASIK corrects the prescription based on the patient’s glasses. Wavefront guided iLASIK corrects the visual errors identified on a precise map of your visual system. A device called an abberometer maps minute focusing errors by measuring light waves travelling across the eye (wavefront). This technology provides a state of the art picture of your visual system and a treatment is then customized to suit your individual eye.

Wavefront treatment corrects both the basic and more subtle focusing errors providing superior results such as better night vision. This type of custom wavefront surgery is allowed in military pilots and astronauts.

Using anaesthetic eye drops a flap is created with a laser and the flap is lifted. Using a second laser (excimer) corneal tissue is removed to change the curvature of the cornea thus changing its focusing power. The flap is repositioned to its original position and seats in place. No sutures are necessary. The surgery takes about 30 minutes

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